Best Bed Frames 2017 & Buying Guide

Every bedroom should house the best bed for it is the well rested people who are the better performing individuals. And a best beds is a combination of whole lot of things like mattress, pillow, quilts, covers and most of all a good enough bed frames. A Bed frames supports your mattress and is one of the most important factors that determine the comfortability of your bedding arrangement. A good best bed frame 2017 is one that can position your mattress well, does not protrude with sharp edges, big enough to fit your family, sturdy enough to hold your weight, quiet enough to not disturb you and can make a companion in your family’s life journey for many years.

So when you set your home it is ideal you choose the best bed frames and then accessorise it with correct mattress and cushions. And with many kinds of bed frames it is not easy to make a choice always. We bring to you few tips and suggestions on buying bed frames and are also going to introduce you to the top 5 best bed frames which are the 2017 best sellers.

TOP Sellers Bed Frames in Amazon

ProductSizeMaterialRatingSHOP AMAZON
Zinus SmartBaseTwin/Twin X-Large/
Full/Queen/King/California King
Check Price
Zinus Compack 6-LegTwin/Full/Queen/
King/California King/
SteelCheck Price
Kings Brand FurnitureQueen/Full/Full XL/
Twin/Twin XL Beds
wooden slats
Check Price
Handy LivingTwin/Twin-XL/
MetalCheck Price
Best Price MattressTwin/Full/Queen/
King/California King
SteelCheck Price
Zinus CompackFull/King/Queenwooden slats
Check Price
Zinus Elite SmartBaseTwin/Twin-XL/
Steel FrameCheck Price
Zinus MyEuro SmartBaseFull/Twin/Queen/Kingwooden slats
Check Price
Classic Brands HerculesTwin/Twin Extra Long/
Full/Queen/King/California King
MetalCheck Price

Best Bed Frames & Bed frames for sale

How to choose your bed frame size:

Choosing the size for your bed frame is a complex task. There are many factors one will have to consider before choosing the appropriate bed size. Of all the factors two main important factors one will obviously have to consider is the size of your bedroom and if you are to share it with someone. If people have nice spacious bedrooms then a King size bed will make an excellent choice as it gives you luxurious space in abundance but if you have a smaller bed room then a Queen or Twin is good enough choice. We have listed down the steps to follow to decide your bed size.

  1. Measure the length of your room
  2. Also consider other furniture’s, closets, wardrobes and things which will occupy space in your room.
  3. Select a size of bed which when placed in your room will give you good and more than sufficient space to move around.
  4. If the bed occupies more than 3/4th space in your bedroom then it will not make a good fit, so it is important you choose the ideal size bed for your bedroom size.
  5. While considering bed frame size, you should also consider an extra 4 inch size for any headboard and footboard. While footboard is optional, a headboard could occupy at least 2 inch size and so add this to your bed frame size while deciding for your room.

See below the different bed sizes and measure your bed room sizes to decide for yourself which size can fit your bed room layout well.


Twin: 39 inches by 75 inches – It will make a perfect fit for one person use in a small room


Full: 54 inches by 75 inches – It is suitable for couples or single person in a small room


Queen: 60 inches by 80 inches – Comfortably sized for couples living in a decent sized room


King: 76 inches by 80 inches – Big and huge sized for couples living in larger rooms

California King

California King: 72 inches by 84 inches – Luxuriously sized for couples living in big rooms

How To Choosing an adjustable beds:

Looking for good night’s sleep? If yes, then don’t worry, in this article, I will share everything you need to know about adjustable beds. You will be introduced to some useful tips that will help you to find out best, but also ensure you to buy a right one!

What is an adjustable bed?

An adjustable also called adjustable bed frame, electric bed, and power bed. These beds have a multi-hinged laying surface which could be profiled to many laying and sitting positions. These beautifully designed beds help you to adjust your head and feet independently on varying degrees. Superb quality adjustable bed could provide us well-customized support to different parts of the human body comprising lower back, feet and ankles, neck and head and our legs and knees. However, one thing makes it unique from other traditional beds is its metal base that comprises an electric motor underneath. A premium quality adjustable bed could help you to watch TV and to take good sleep at night.

Why use an adjustable bed?

If you have recovered from back pain surgery, then you need an adjustable bed as they let for ergonomically right positioning which lets for the average curvature of the backbone throughout sleep at night. They are best to adjust the sleeping position accurately as you desire and you could also recline your legs and head. It allows you to return to an entirely flat position. An adjustable bed is a perfect option to alter the sleep surface to the right angle that could decrease strain on the heart and help proper blood circulation.

What features matter most for Adjustable Beds?

Do you think about the features for adjustable beds? You will be surprised that it has great and unique functions that make it a versatile bed. An adjustable bed has different sizes and material so that you could choose according to your personal needs.

  • Hand controls

Adjustable beds could be controlled by built-in hand control option. So you could adjust your preferred position with touch controls.

  • Wireless remote: the wireless option is the most advanced feature as it allows the users to monitor their bed without connectors. If you have another wireless device in your home, then you should check signal interference from another instrument.
  • Wired options: adjustable beds with wired control are the most convenient and efficient as hand control wired allow adjusting the foot as well as head of the bed down and up.
  • Menu option: This bed comes with easy to read the menu. If you want to adjust your bed, you need to follow the given manual guide.
  • Motor

The motor of the adjustable bed is another important as well as an interesting feature as it has significant effects on the performance of the bed.

  • More Durability: You could evaluate the strength of the motor by checking that how long the company’s warranty covers it.
  • Ac or DC: You should check your bed’s motor that whether it an AC or DC. AC( alternating current) motor could be used in homes. The DC(direct current) motor is not suitable for home as it could be used in automobiles.
  • Noise level: before buying an adjustable bed, you should consider its noise level. You should choose the motor with less noise level so that it could not disturb your sleep.
  • Surface

If you are buying an adjustable bed, I would like to convince you to consider its surface as it is very significant for the proper sleep at night.

  • Memory foam mattress: If you want to choose memory foam mattress then you should keep in mind that when you spread the weight on the surface of the bed, the memory foam mattress could absorb pressures. It could relieve pain and pressure.
  • Air bed mattresses: These bed mattresses come with inner air chambers within topped, and they are useful and flexible for adjustable beds.
  • Coil bed mattresses: They prepared from the number of metal coils bounded by comfy foam. They are very comfortable and soft.

What are bunk beds frame?

Bunk beds frames have attached the ladder to the end of the frame. They are sturdy and easy to assemble. If you have the bunk bed, you don’t need it for matters support. They are supported by four pillars, and their space-saving design allows two people to sleep. If you have children, then it is an ideal option for your home as your kids will defiantly love it as it increases the fun time.

Objects with bunk beds:

You will be amazed to know that bunk beds comes with objects in the Sims that could decreases the stress level and create a comfortable environment. They have buy mode that allows the toddlers to enjoy their sleeping time. A double bed has fit two Sim whereas a single bed comes with one Sim option. So, The Sim 3 in bunk bed could be used by toddlers. There is a broad range of bunk beds are available on the market, but superb quality beds are an ideal for Sim’s comfort and energy.

Note when to choose bunk beds:

Bunk beds are the best option for kids or small spaces. So here are its some impressive features for your help.

  • Material

If you are buying a bunk bed for your toddlers, you need to choose the right material for your home.

  • Metal bunk beds: metal bunk beds are more firm and elegant. They prepared with tubular metal and are less expensive. They are also lightweight as compared to wood bunk beds.
  • Wood bunk beds: they construed of hardwood to the cherry finish. They are the bit bulkier, but they are most reliable.
  • Height

For bunk beds, you should consider the height of the space, ceiling, and height of the children. Bunk beds have different sizes and height, but an average size bunk bed is available in 5 to 6 feet tall.

  • Design

Here are different designs and style of the bunk bed.

  • Bunk bed with stairs: it has a stylish ladder. This design makes it attractive among other traditional beds as it is the best choice for kids.
  • Bunk bed with storage drawers: they could provide you extra space for storing your accessories.
  • Colorful bunk beds: they are another great option for room decoration. It will give a vivid impression of your place.
  • Futon: the bottom of this kind of bed could be a sofa while working or sleeping at night.

Platform beds:

Did you know that a platform bed is raised on the firmly set platform? So you don’t be worried about using a box spring matters to support the top mattress. They have gorgeous European style which is the most popular in European designing. Another interesting thing about these beds is that you could buy its mattress at a reasonable price. It has the reliable platform that makes it firmer than traditional beds. Its robust design is ideal for students and young adults who live in small space.

Remark choose platform beds:

If you want to buy platform beds, here are its some great features for your help.

  • Material wood

Platform beds are affordable and these beds made from particle boards. Particle board platforms are temperature fluctuations and not suitable material for humidity level as they are most sensitive to moisture.

  • Height

The platform bed is closer to the floor, so this feature makes it unique as compared to traditional design. They could give a spacious look to your bedroom. But if you need regular height then you could choose any model according to your requirements.

What are rollaway beds?

If you have little space in your home then the roll away bed is a great option for your guest. It is a moveable bed which could provide you additional sleeping space. Its sturdy metal frame could be converted into the small bed and after usage, you can also fold up, and it could be rolled away. It is also a relaxing bed which can be climbed over rollers and could be keeping aside.

Note when to choose rollaway beds:

Are you thinking to buy the rollaway bed? If so, here are some tips to consider before the purchase of a rollaway bed.

  • Size: what size you need for your home? They have different sizes you could choose according to your requirements.
  • Space: it is best to measure the available space in your home before buying the rollaway beds.
  • Frame: it is another important thing to consider. Check the frame of the bed and select the right one.

A Simple Buying Guide for Bed Frame & where to buy

We also bring to you the simple guidelines that you should keep in mind while choosing your bed frame. Analyse these factors to know if your choice of bed frame is ideal or not.

  • Strong and Sturdy – It should be durable and should not make squeaking noises.
  • Make and Sizing – Chose appropriate size bed frames which will be suitable for your room size and for your usage. Steel or wooden frames are suitable materials but make sure they are built with quality materials to last long.
  • Price worth the quality – Should be affordably priced for the highest quality.
  • Easy to use – Should be convenient to assemble and use with good storage space options.

where to buy bed frames & Bed frames cheap

Top 5 Best Bed Frames 2017

Having seen the choice of sizes you have and the guidelines for choosing, we bring to you the top 5 best bed frames based on customer feedbacks, user reviews and ratings from various websites. Please read on to know more about them and we believe this list will make it easy for you to take your pick.


Mattress Innovated Box Spring Metal Bed Frame

The Innovated Box Spring Metal bed frame from Best Price Mattress is an excellent choice and a more customer friendly bed frame as it offers great support system to your mattress and can easily replace your old frame and box spring. It is made of high quality steel and is very strong offering first-rate stability to your mattress. It offers 14 inch under bed storage space and is much more convenient than your traditional frames and box springs. It is available in Twin, Full, Queen, King and California-King sizes and it makes its position in the best sellers list for its modern and durable design.

Best Bed Frame 2017 & Best Beds


  • Excellent under bed storage – Designed to offer 14 inches of under bed storage space.
  • Available in all sizes – Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King Sizes
  • Made of steel, the bed offers excellent strength, stability and durability.
  • See full specs here…

Zinus Compack 9-Leg Support Bed Frame

This Zinus compack 9 leg support bed frame from Zinus is known for its durable and safe design. The 9 legs along with the centre bar support offer a highly superior stability and makes sure that the recessed legs offer maximum safety. This bed frame is very easy to assemble and the quick lock system for the bars allows easy fixing in just four steps. It is just not assembling which is worry free, it is also easy to make bed and change covers of mattress in this bed frame. Just not that it also provides a 5 year limited warranty. Designed keeping user Zinus comfort as priority, it is safe, stable, durable and is a bed frame for long run.

Bed Frame for sale & Deals


  • 9 leg support with centre bar support offers great stability
  • Designed for convenient usage – you will find it easier to change covers and make bed
  • Easy to assemble with its quick lock system
  • You get a 5 year limited warranty
  • See full specs here…

Handy Living Full Wood Slat Bed Frame

It gets its place in the best bed frames list for its unique design with wooden slats on a steel support frame. This full wood slat bed frame from Handy Living offers excellent stability with its strong steel legs, extra side legs and a centre support leg. The wooden slats provide equal weight distribution and the frame is capable of holding up to 600lb. There is a 13 inch clearance under the bed and you get to have sufficient storage space. It is easy to assemble and is suitable for memory foam and traditional mattresses and it does not need a box spring.

Best Bed Frame ReviewHighlights:

  • Excellent under bed storage – Offers 13 inch clearance under bed for storage space.
  • Can support a weight of 600 lbs.
  • Made of steel frame and is designed with wooden slats to offer equal weight distribution.
  • Very easy to assemble and use this bed frame
  • See full specs here…

King's Brand Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

A high quality bed frame for a very reasonable price, this 7 leg adjustable bed frame from King’s Brand is one of the best bed frames of 2017. It is made of solid steel and the metal frame offers excellent support to your mattress and headboard. The highlight of this bed frame is its wheels on its legs which make this bed frame very easy for moving and fixing your mattress covers conveniently every day. It is strong, durable, and the structure quality is fully worth the price you pay. The frame is available in Queen, Full, Full XL, Twin and Twin XL bed sizes.Best Beds Frame 2017



  • A very reasonably priced quality bed frame
  • 7 legs provide excellent support and strength to your bed, mattress and headboard
  • Legs come with wheels which makes it very easy to move
  • Made of solid steel the frame is strong and durable
  • See full specs here…

Sleep Master SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Rated as the No.1 Bestseller, this SmartBase Bed frame from sleep master is outstandingly designed to offer optimum support and excellent durability as it is made of strong steel. There are multiple legs to provide stability and thereby it also prevents mattress sagging provides a better life for your mattress. The frame is available in all size choices. The frame is 14 inches high and provides 12.5 clearance below that makes it very convenient for using the under bed storage space. It can support a weight of 2400 lbs and is suitable to use with any kind of mattress types. It has a 5 year warranty and is undoubtedly the best priced high quality bed frame.Best Bed Frames 2017



  • Excellent under bed storage – Designed with a height of 14 inches is capable of providing more 12.5 inches of storage space.
  • Can support a weight of 2400 lbs.
  • Made of steel, the bed offers excellent strength and durability.
  • You get a 5 year limited warranty
  • See full specs here…

Best Beds & best bed frames 2017

A good night’s sleep depends on your bed and a bed depends on a good bed frames, so it is important you choose the best bed frame to make a great bed which will provide you with peaceful and restful nights. We believe we have briefed you well on how to choose the correct bed size and our guideline will help you judge the bed frames of your choice. Choose the best bed frames for your home and make your naps and sleeps comfortable and cosy.


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