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There is no better space solution than a bunker bed for a room which is limited on space. Be it for a room which your children will have to share and bond or be it for a dorm room where the room occupants should use the small space wisely bunk beds are god sent. But we understand that choosing a best bunk beds is not an easy job as you will have to consider a whole lot of things before buying the right one which will make a perfect fit in your home.

With whole lot of different models of varying types and so many famous brand players in market, customers are left with so much options that it becomes difficult to choose. But you need not have to worry as you have landed in the right page for knowing all about bunk beds and the top 5 best bunk beds for kids which we have chosen after much market research and also after taking into account a whole lot of actual customer feedbacks.

Best Bunk Beds, Cheap Bunk Beds & Wood bunk beds 2017

Bunk Beds vs Bed Frames:

When you ask a child to choose a bunker bed or bed frame more than 90% of children will end up choosing a bunker for undoubtedly it is so much fun and cool from a child’s perspective. But it is just not the fun and cool aspect which make them a better option when compared with a normal single or twin bed frames. When the family is big and space is limited, bunker beds are more suitable for they are compact and space saving bed solutions which add up to the look of your kid’s room. When you have two kids if you are opting for single bed frames you will have to invest on individual space for each of the bed frame. But with bunker beds you can provide bed for two in space of one single bed.

They are not just space savers, but they are cost savers too when compared with bed frames. So how are you saving cost here? When we consider the pricing of two single bed frames from the top best bed frames and the cost of one of the best bunk beds, the cost of bunk bed is lesser and you will end up saving more than 30% while you buy a bunk bed instead of two bed frames.

Most of the children bed room interior themes gel well with a bunk bed than a bed frame and so when we consider single bed frames with bunk beds, the latter are more suitable for your kid’s room as they make a better aesthetics appeal while providing savings in cost and space.

How to choose best bunk beds 2017 ?

Choosing the correct size, design and type of bunk bed is a real tough job. It has to be sturdy and durable and most importantly the bed should not be compromising on safety while offering more cool features. So it takes lot of work and to make it easier for you we have listed out few factors which you should consider while choosing your children’s bunk.

  • Safety – When it comes to children, the first and foremost factor one should consider is safety. Make sure to verify if all the safety regulations are met with and if the bed could be your child’s safe abode. Aspects that one should consider while checking safety measures are if there are proper guard rails on both sides for the top bunk, and whether the ladder is attached and fixed properly to the bed and also if there are proper head and foot boards in bed.
  • Sturdy – The bunk bed you choose should be sturdy and should not squeak and shake on use. The bunk bed frame should be strong enough to hold your children’s weight and offer great stability.
  • Age Appropriate – There are different sizes of bunk bed and the one you choose should be of appropriate sizing to suit your children’s growing height. It is always wise to choose big sized bunks for you can use it conveniently for many years without having to change when your kid’s grow in height.
  • Fit your room – Make sure to measure both your room floor and ceiling size. While choosing bunk bed you will have to make sure the bed can conveniently fit in your room after allowing enough space around for moving and playing for your children and there is sufficient height from the ceiling for the top bunk person to use the bed conveniently.
  • Make of bed – Another factor one should consider while choosing bunk bed is the material the bed is made from. The MDF made beds are cheaper but they do not offer the durability and reliability of beds made out of pine wood and other hard wood materials like Para wood, oak and walnut woods
  • Type of bed – There are different type of beds like twin over twin, twin over full, full over full, triple bunks and bunks with stairs etc. Make sure to choose a type of bed that will best fit your size specifications, easy to use especially the stairs and will also be convenient to make mattress.

Top 5 Best Selling Bunk Beds for sale:

Having given you an idea of how to choose your Best bunk bed, we are now going to introduce you to the top 5 best selling bunk beds. We have picked them based on the factors we had mentioned you should look out for in a best bunk bed and also after considering various customer feedbacks these beds have garnered. They are well rated by both critics and customers and are the best sellers of 2017.


King's Brand Furniture B125H Wood Arched Design Convertible Bunk Bed

The wood arched convertible bunk bed from King’s brand is one of the top best selling bunk beds in Amazon. The most highlight feature of this bed is that it gives you the option of being a bunk while placed twin over twin or you can very easily convert it to two separate twin beds. This convertible is made of hard wood and the veneered finish gives it a great look. The bed is conveniently sized at 83-inch X 42-inch X 64-inch and is designed to meet all safety regulations. This bed is very affordably priced and we find it rightly deserving to be ranked the best bunk bed in our top 5 list for all the positive highlights.

Product highlights

  • best Bunk Bed 2017Being a convertible, the bed gives you the choice of using as bunk or two individual twins.
  • The hard wood make and veneered finish with arched curves gives the bed a great look and it can fit in any room decor kind
  • The 65mm wood post and 12 wooden slats offer great stability.
  • There are guardrails in the sides for the top bunk and the curved edge design in the sides is meant to keep your children safe
  • Easy to assemble and maintain.

DHP Twin Over Twin - Metal Bunk Bed

The twin over twin metal bunk bed from DHP is one of the most affordably priced beds which offer a great value for the reasonable price you will have to pay. This bunk bed is bought by many for it provides the basics at the best price. The metal frame is strong enough to support 200 lbs in top bunker and up to 225 lbs in the bottom bunk. There are guardrails on four sides to keep your children safe and the ladder is attached to the bed providing extra safety for your children. It is easy to assemble and you could do it on your own with little help from one another person. The bed is 78-inch X 42-inch X 62-inch and can easily fit in small rooms offering bedding for two people while saving space.

Product Highlights:

  • best Bunk Bed for saleA great buy for it provides basics at best price
  • Black Metal finish with powder coating provides a simple look which stays the same for long
  • Meets all safety regulations like fastened ladder and guard rails for top bunk
  • Can support weight up to 200 lbs.
  • Saves space while providing bedding for two in space of one and offering excellent storage space below the bunk.

Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

This Twin over full bunk bed from Dorel is for families which are looking for convenience of a full bed for their older child and the space saving twin bed bunk on top for their younger one. It is affordable, durable, stable and sleek to fit your bed rooms perfectly. The black metal finish provides the bunk a long life and is suitable for the roughage use of children. The ladder is attached to the bed and hence it is safe children to climb and use without worry. To protect your child in the top bunk there are guardrails all around the bed and the bed bunks are designed to provide maximum safety to your children. The bed is reasonably priced and is worth the price you pay for it is stable, durable, and most of all completely safe for your children to use.

Product Highlights:

  • best bunk bed for ChildrenVery affordably priced.
  • The twin over full provides lot of bed space for your children and gives you and your children enough space to snuggle up for your cuddly and story times.
  • The bed meets all safety regulations like guard rails for top bunk on all four sides, fixed ladder, sturdy design etc and is very suitable for children to use.
  • The black metal bed frame looks great and is designed to last long handling all activities of your children letting them grow while having fun.

Stork Craft Caribou Bunk Bed

The Caribou Bunk bed from Stork Craft is an elegantly designed bed which children will love to have in their room. The twin over twin bed can be used as two separate twin beds or you could bunk it up and save the room space in your home. Most of all the bed is very affordably priced for being a wooden bed and it is hard not to purchase when quality product is being offered at such best price. The bed can hold a weight of 165 pounds and the bed is very easy to assemble on your own when you follow the instructions in the manual step by step. The short design of this bunk bed makes it a right solution for homes which have limitations on space.

Product Highlights:

  • Best Bunk Bed for kidsElegant design and a very nice colour which will gel with any interior theme
  • The bed offers great clearance from the floor and hence you get to have enough storage space below bottom bunk for all toys of your children.
  • The ladder is fastened to bed and hence is safe for children to use.
  • The bed is made of wood and is very sturdily designed with slats to last long and you do not need a box spring.
  • Gives you the option of converting bunk to two separate twin beds when your children grow up.

Stork Craft Long Horn Bunk Bed

The long horn bunk bed from Stork craft is one another model which is designed to meet all safety regulations and is stylishly designed to look great in your children’s bed room. This white bed is sized appropriately to save space yet offer comfortable bedding for your children. The solid wood construction adds sophistication while providing the strength and support to bear your children’s weight and not squeak upon usage. The ladder is fastened to the bed and the unique fastening systems allow easy fixing and handling. There are full length guard rails for the top bunk and there is good space below the bottom bunk for storage. The bed can support a weight of 165lbs easily. This horn bunk bed is expensive looking but not expensive at all and there is no doubt on it holding a spot in the top 5 best selling list.

Product Highlights:

  • Best Bunk Bed & Best Bunk Bed ReviewSolid wood make makes this bed sturdy and safe
  • Elegant design and finish gives the bed a rich look
  • The twin over twin can easily be converted into two separate twins
  • Meets all safety regulations and the product is covered for 1 year warranty
  • Fastened ladder with flat steps ensures every step of your child remains safe and supported
  • Designed with slats and can hold a weight of up to 165 lbs and your kids can safely use bed until the age of 15.

Best Bunk Beds, cheap kids bunk bed & Bunk bed for sale


Best Bunk beds are great space saving bedding solutions where you have the limitations of bedrooms. It allows more room for your children to move along and play in their rooms by offering compact bedding. The top selling products we have listed have all got excellent feedback from customers and are all highly recommended. They are all elegantly designed to meet all safety regulations and save space in the best possible way. Be it a solid wood bed or a metal Best frame bunk, they are durable and strong to last long all through the growing years of your children. Bring home a bunk to create memories for your children which they can cherish for life.

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